BakeSil Best for Food Molds

Different types of materials can be used to make molds of regular objects, toys, statues, artifacts and more. Mold makers use ordinary materials such as clay, wax, plaster, moulage, silicone rubber and liquid latex rubber to capture impressions of a model before making a replica cast.

However, what if you want to make a mold of a chocolate, candy, cheese, cake and so on? Or what if you want to make a mold – ice tray, baking dish or other kitchen products – that will come in direct contact with the food?

Regular plaster or even silicone rubber will just not do here. What you need is a food-safe mold making material and the answer comes in the form of BakeSil!

BakeSil is a food grade, FDA approved silicone mold making rubber that can be safely used for food molds and baking containers. It is specifically suitable for repeated food contact and can be used for making customized candy and chocolates, baking fondants, cakes and breads, creating ice sculptures, butter sculptures and much more. It even serves well for making baking molds and trays, ice trays, etc.

BakeSil is heat and cold resistant – it will not damage if baked in the oven or frozen in a refrigerator. The molds turn out strong, tear resistant and bacteria resistant as well.
However, this silicone two-part RTV material has a precise mix ratio of 100 parts of base to 10 parts of activator by weight. Strictly abiding by the mix ratio and mixing properly will yield best results.

EnvironMolds offers a complete range of silicone mold rubbers to suit various applications at


Author: EnvironMolds, LLC

EnvironMolds LLC is a premier name in the field of mold making and casting materials. All of our products are environmentally friendly and skin safe. Whether you are looking for liquid latex, plasters, silicon casting rubbers or alginate or anything in between, we will fulfill your need with our products. Explore our website to learn more.

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