Quick Silicone Molds Made Possible

Silicone rubber is a versatile art material that is commonly used for making different types of molds and casts. However, it usually takes hours to set and you have to allow quite a few days for it to cure properly.

Now what if you need to make a mold or cast very quickly? Or what if you just don’t want to put in the long-winded efforts for making a traditional silicone mold? Do you have to skip silicone rubber and opt for another material that allows for quicker mold making?

Not really as EnvironMolds offers a handy 5-Minute Mold Putty that drastically cuts down the mold making time and allows you to make quick impressions. And the product truly lives up to its claim as you can make silicone molds very quickly and easily, that too without using a box. And yet, it manages to capture the impressions quite well (though not as detailed as a regular mold).

What’s more, you do not have to limit the usage to inedible models only as the silicone rubber complies with FDA standards and can be safely used for making food molds too.

silicone rubber

Not only is the silicone mold ready within minutes, but it can also be used immediately for casting, thus making it perfectly suitable for one-off uses. What more can a mold maker ask for?

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